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Decipher Group’s specialist recruitment services extends to sourcing talent for hard-to-fill technical roles. We help rapidly growing businesses secure the very best talent, faster.

We’re consistently sourcing, attracting and hiring talent for technical roles on behalf of our clients. It means our team have considerable working knowledge of this specialist area of recruitment. We know the market inside and out. We understand the role requirements and the ‘language’ used within this space, as well as the critical skills required to succeed in these types of role.

And importantly, we know what motivates top talent.

Technical jobs
we help recruit

Our team have considerable pan-industry expertise in this space. We recruit across a range of roles including:

Asset Manager
Chartered Engineer
Clinical Lead
Commercial Analyst
Programme Director
Programme Manager
Project Commercial Manager
Quantity Surveyor
Reporting Analyst
Risk Analyst
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Quantity Surveyor
Software Engineer
Structural Engineer


Technical talent are drivers of innovation and growth in your business. However, in any sector where there is demand for specialist, highly skilled talent, there will be challenges for employers looking to resource these roles. That’s where we come in.

At Decipher Group, we understand the skill requirements and responsibilities of these roles. And we know how to entice talent to new opportunities. Our team are continually building engaged talent pools that take advantage of job seeker mobility.

Often, when our clients go to market with a role vacancy, they do so without truly understanding the talent market potential and the expectations of today’s candidates. It can be a difficult situation to navigate. Our team can help you get on the right path with our talent market mapping service – providing in-depth market intelligence and analysis of current employment, organisational trends, and candidate activity for a particular role or function – that will help realign your hiring strategies and goals.

Our specialist expertise means we run efficient and effective recruitment processes, contributing towards reducing the all-important ‘time to hire’ metric. Not only do we find people faster, but we know how to assess and screen candidates effectively. It means we present the most suitable candidates to our clients and help them make the ‘right’ hiring decisions.

Unbundling the
recruitment process

We know that our clients’ needs are unique to their individual business. At Decipher Group we are absolutely solution focused and offer flexibility in our service offering to assist our clients with any stage of the recruiting process.

From a full end-to-end, robust search and recruitment process through to supporting our clients throughout various stages of the hiring process, our specialist team are there to help.

Areas where we can support you in your hiring efforts:

We’re an extension
of your employer brand

Top talent within technical roles are notoriously hard-to-find, and typically have low attrition rates within an organisation. They are extremely savvy and make informed and thoughtful career decisions. Attracting and retaining talent for technical roles requires a strong employer brand.

In today’s highly competitive labour market, how your company is represented really matters.

Our team pride themselves on being an extension of a client’s brand. We have a reputation for delivering an outstanding candidate experience – building trusted relationships is at the heart of what we do. It means we unearth the best talent because we understand their career path, experiences and motivations. We also get them excited about new opportunities. And importantly, ensure there is a fit with your business, culture and values.

Unlocking the
potential of DEI

Decipher Group are committed advocates of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within the workplace and take an active role in influencing positive change. We apply DEI principles to our search processes and work alongside our clients to build diverse, high-performing teams. For example, we offer a fully blind CV report that removes identifying factors, to ensure your policies are met and any unconscious bias is mitigated as much as possible, from the recruitment process.

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