Online employment marketplace SEEK has released its latest round of salary data, identifying the highest paying industry in the country as well as the sector with the most wages growth.

There is a lot happening in this space in New Zealand at the moment, from the ongoing presence of a candidate tight labour market through to a historically low unemployment rate and rising industrial action. Putting aside the at times mixed commentary around business confidence what we continue to see is a labour market with strong salary growth.

According to SEEK, the highest paying jobs are:

SEEK high paying jobs

Source: SEEK – Highest paying jobs

Roles in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) certainty are under pressure, taking out 7 spots in the top ten list. According to industry experts this is a direct result of border closures which is impacting availability of talent, therefore driving up salaries.

Regionally, Auckland is experiencing the greatest impact with jobs in the ICT industry among the highest paying across the region (Solutions Architect $152,776 and Technical Leads $140,652).

Similarly, regional stats for Canterbury also point to increasing demand to fill skill gaps typically resourced through immigration. In this case, roles within the Construction industry (Project Manager $115,201 and Civil Engineer $102,822) are commanding some of the highest salaries as the region continues with rebuild efforts.

The key takeout from the SEEK report and the challenge for businesses that are operating in the high growth sectors, is the impact of a competitive labour market on attracting and retaining talent.

Winning the race for talent in a tight market means rethinking your people strategy – think in terms of what promises you make (and keep) around your brand, opportunity, culture and purpose – because these are areas that will make all the difference when attracting new talent as well as retaining your superstars.

Experts are also suggesting some “creative” solutions that go beyond focusing on remuneration as the sole driver of top talent. Worker flexibility in particular is an in-demand workplace benefit – the overwhelming majority of workers would be in favour of any workplace initiative that gives them greater control over their time.

However, don’t just think in terms of the package you offer to talent. There’s a lot of innovation that can be applied to improve the recruitment process and provide a better candidate experience.

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