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Boards play a fundamental role in the direction and success of the organisations they serve. Given the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (VUCA) we operate in today, being future-ready, innovative, and having an effective governance function in place will be critical to overcoming challenges and harnessing the potential of the opportunities ahead.

Decipher Group’s combined years of experience means our team expertly understand the nuances of good governance and the aptitude required in governance professionals – helping you to have a governance function that best serves your business.

In addition to assisting businesses with governance recruitment, Decipher Group provides a range of board advisory services which can be incorporated into a recruitment approach or utilised independently as part of annual review processes.


Decipher Group’s deep view of candidate communities and intimate understanding of governance recruitment means we expertly match people to opportunities – we know what boards are looking for and have a proven track record of sourcing chairs, non-executive directors, and advisory board members for a range of organisations including private, public sector, founder/family-owned, not-for-profit, and publicly listed.

We are recognised as specialists in finding governance leaders who drive strategy and support growth.

Good governance values the importance of diversity of people and perspectives. We’re here to help answer the question of what characteristics your board should look for when adding new directors, through the creation of diversity matrices and development of overall plans to improve and enhance diversity and a range of thinking styles from a practical perspective.

Our experience and capability make all the difference when it comes to the delivery of a robust and outcome-driven governance search process.

Diversity of
Thought Scorecard

This innovative tool will enable you to harness the power of cognitive diversity to deliver better group decision-making and create high performing teams in your organisation. Groups with wide ranging diversity of thought draw on different experiences, perspectives, and preferences to deliver greater creativity and innovation. This is particularly valuable when dealing with the complex problems faced by today’s governance professionals.

Board Effectiveness
and Evaluation

High-performing boards recognise the value of continued assessment and the contribution it makes on its effectiveness and readiness to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We work alongside a range of businesses, providing fresh perspectives on a board’s functioning to further strengthen board performance.

Board evaluations are a critical tool for ensuring that a board has the right mix of directors for now and into the future. Different skills and experience around the board table are vital. While no one evaluation method is right for every board (or circumstance) our approach incorporates a range of assessment methods at both individual and group level, with results presented back to the board under the leadership of the chair.

Best practice tells us that the evaluation process should run at least annually or following a critical inflection point in a company’s life cycle. Assessment should also take into consideration new members joining the board.

Board Advisory

At Decipher Group, we offer deep industry expertise, providing a full range of value-add board advisory services customised to your unique needs. From insightful Remuneration Advice, Board Succession and talent pipeline planning, through to rigorous Governance Framework reviews, we help empower boards and governance professionals to thrive.

In addition to above, some of the more popular areas of support and assistance we provide includes: Governance Culture Reviews, support with Board Dispute Mediation, and best practice Onboarding and Off-boarding advice.


There will inevitably be times when a board requires additional guidance that is not readily available internally, perhaps in response to a sustained period of significant director rotations, a board Chair taking on their first leadership role, or following a critical inflection point in a company’s life cycle. Decipher Group provide trusted advice, innovative approaches and practical guidance focused on positive outcomes.

Some of the more popular areas of support and assistance we provide includes: Leadership and Capability Development, High-Performing Teams Programme, Behavioural and Cognitive Assessments & DISC, and Enhancing Director Diversity.

Profile Support

Decipher Group has developed a proven, real-world approach to assist aspiring and experienced directors to put their governance profile on the right path to success. Whether you are actively seeking a specific appointment or simply positioning yourself in the marketplace, your governance profile is the gatekeeper to opportunity. To be successful requires a concerted effort, investing in your personal brand to clearly demonstrate you have the skills that a board needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team provide advice and assistance to improve the perception and reception of your governance profile. The outcome is a polished board-ready governance profile and colloquial version as your personal pitch, which will gain the attention of recruiters and board appointment committees.

Emerging Director

Decipher Group is leading an innovative programme to assist businesses to increase governance capability and model good diversity practice, by facilitating the placement of emerging directors within established boards.

An Emerging Director Programme can help businesses innovate and bring in new skills required at board level, to effectively lead their businesses in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The programme nurtures governance capability in the region and provides aspiring directors the opportunity to connect and learn from senior directors and chairs, through the fixed term placement on a board.

Decipher Group works alongside businesses to co-create an Emerging Director Programme customised to their organisation, providing support and direction across programme positioning, mentoring and professional development, communications as well as requirements related to the search and placement of emerging directors.

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