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Savvy organisations understand the value in attracting, developing and retaining the right talent with diverse skills and perspectives. While our leaders are tasked with navigating unprecedented challenges, they are not the sole drivers of change. To be successful, organisational leaders must harness the collective power of high-performing teams – groups of people with diverse thinking who can tackle complex problems, while remaining inclusive and cohesive, guided by a common purpose.

At Decipher Group, we work alongside senior leaders, organisations, teams and individuals to grow and strengthen capability. Creating a clear pathway to success that can help your organisation realise its goals and vision.

Through our own in-house capability we offer a suite of tools and techniques delivered through coaching, training, and advisory support that will build high-performing teams and strengthen leadership capability.

Reach out to our team today and discover how we can help you on your journey.

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In creating the High Performance Programme, our focus has been on building a framework that supports talent – both individual and groups – at all levels of an organisation. Creating a leadership, talent and performance model that will propel a business forward in pursuit of its vision and ambition.

We can enhance capability within the five pillars of human potential in your business:

Individual – Organisational success is inextricably linked to unlocking the capacity of its people. We help individuals to enhance personal and professional development that contributes to overall team and organisational performance.

Teamanship – Our unique service offering will empower high-performing teams to be more productive and collaborative, while prioritising accountability to ultimately improve decision-making and achieve improved results. This starts with a solid foundation or team purpose, as well as building trust and cooperation, and ensuring goals and performance are linked.

Leading Others – We work with senior leaders to develop and hone skills on a personal and professional level to help them become exceptional leaders. Our leadership development programme equips leaders with the tools to deliver on the organisational vision and inspire teams to contribute to success.

Leading an Organisation – Decipher Group can help you reshape your organisation to fit your business strategy, while also providing guidance and support to navigate change and prioritise performance. Our business growth advisory service is targeted at business owners and senior leaders with a focus on creating vision and strategy – key drivers of organisational success.

Governance as Leadership – Our team expertly understand the nuances of good governance and the aptitude required in governance professionals. We provide a range of board advisory services to improve decision-making and provide fresh perspectives on a board’s functioning to further strengthen performance.


Team workshops are an opportunity to enhance individual skills while building the traits, behaviours and best practices of high-performing teams. ​

Building a high-performing team workshop + E-DISC profiling
Individuals who are more self-aware foster a stronger sense of teamwork, contributing to creating high-performing teams; high self-awareness leads to better team performance. Improved decision-making means members interact ‘better’ and manage tensions and conflicts more effectively.

Harness the power of diversity, equity and inclusion
Our environments are continually evolving; future-proofing your workforce is essential. The generations of today closely align themselves with brands and organisations that have strong values and are reputable employers. We know that a major focus area is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Connecting and having a good conversation is always a good start. Our team can support your organisation on its DEI journey. This process may include in-person, informative workshops with your team to build awareness, engagement and trust.


Leadership coaching is a powerful and impactful process of building executive presence while developing skills and competencies in a safe and supportive one-on-one environment.

Some of our more popular options include:

One-on-one leadership coaching
Leadership coaching is designed for senior leaders who want to challenge themselves. It is focused on uncovering the core of who they are as a leader and then developing behaviours that will take their leadership style to a whole new level of success.

Business strategy coaching
What are your organisation’s BIG goals for the future and how do you translate them into an execution plan? Grow your leadership capability, and gain new knowledge, tools and skills to help you think strategically and action and implement ideas.

Tools and

Take your workshop/coaching to the next level with these supplementary service offerings.


Our team will guide you to create a tailored approach that meets the exact needs of your people and your organisation. The following situations are examples of the combination of tools and techniques that are popular with our clients.

Executive leadership and high-performing teams
I need to develop an existing team into a high-performing team.

Development Package:
Individuals complete Psychometric assessments
Individuals complete one-on-one executive coaching

Setting up a new team for success
I have a newly established team that I need to bring together in the right way to support their success.

Development Package:
Group completes the Diversity of Thought Scorecard (DOT Scorecard)
Group participates in the Building a high-performing team workshop + E-DISC profiling

Valuing difference
I am seeking to embed valuing diversity into my company culture.

Development Package:
Group completes the DOT Scorecard Essentials and Workshop
Group participates in the Building a high-performing team workshop

Enhancing board effectiveness
We are looking to evaluate and elevate our current board.

Development Package:
Group completes the DOT Scorecard Essentials
Group conducts a Board Skills and Competency Evaluation
Individuals complete one-on-one governance coaching

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