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I have been fortunate to interact with Decipher Group as both a candidate and a client. More specifically, my recent appointment as an Independent Director on the Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) Board and my interactions with Decipher Group from a client perspective as a contributing member of the CCHL Board.

Pursuing a career in governance while continuing in a full-time corporate role is definitely a challenge. Reading board papers has almost become my “hobby”; however, with a supportive employer and being in a fortunate position to have flexibility in my role, governance is something I make the time for and also really enjoy. I went into governance because it gave me the opportunity to be deeply involved in strategy and the wider context of business. In my opinion, it is a win-win for an executive and their employer, you are more knowledgeable and truly gain an understanding of how businesses are run.

As a full-time corporate lawyer, capacity is a real issue for me. I tend to be more receptive to governance roles that not only align with my professional goals, but when I am personally approached by recruiters like Decipher Group. It was through a conversation with Decipher that I became aware of the CCHL Board role and made the decision to consider the opportunity. For me, it is all about the connection I have with a recruiter. This doesn’t come from a one-time interaction but rather a genuine relationship that is formed over time. It means they truly understand you and your strengths as a candidate and see you as a real fit for a specific role and conversely, I can trust in the information and guidance I am receiving from them in regard to the opportunity.

This is certainly my experience as a candidate in my involvement with Decipher Group; it is the personal touch that is key. My interaction with Decipher throughout the recruitment process for the CCHL Board role was amazing. It was a fantastic opportunity, and I was thoroughly motivated for the role. Decipher Group were so supportive with guidance and coaching throughout the selection process which really helped me highlight my strengths in a meaningful way. I appreciated Decipher’s support and of course they were so positive and full of good spirits throughout.

My involvement with CCHL has now come full circle. From participating in their inaugural intern director programme to being a member of the board of the CCHL Group of Companies. Having the opportunity to take on the director internship many years ago was so beneficial for my governance career. I was contributing as a member of a high functioning board for a major corporate that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do at that stage in my governance career. This really kick started my governance career and pushed me in the direction of pursuing more opportunities.

Following my appointment to the CCHL Board, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the selection process for the recent intake of intern directors as part of the Associate Director Programme. Interacting with candidates who were in a similar position to me, all of those years ago, was really great. My experience reflects positively on CCHL and their commitment to growing governance capability, while also giving future governance professionals a positive first step in developing their governance portfolio.

With my role on the CCHL Board, we use Decipher Group for governance and executive recruitment, as well as partnering with them on the Associate Director Programme. What I love about Decipher is the fresh approach they bring to recruitment. They look outside the box when searching for candidates and often bring “unknown” candidates to the table. As directors we are incredibly busy and having a recruitment provider who takes control and brings a manageable list of top candidates to the table is so important.

Decipher find the right people based on the skills and requirements criteria. In some instances, this can mean a limited pool of candidates, but we trust Decipher to find the right people and when needed, challenge our thinking. Thinking back to my earlier comment about the “personal touch” – Decipher are not simply providing a list of names, they can talk to the candidate’s CV and are knowledgeable on the person’s strengths, motivations and personality. There is a real commitment from Decipher to truly understand the candidates that they put in front of a Board, which helps guide our decision making. This is what Decipher Group brings to the table – a real passion for recruitment – which is incredibly valuable.

“This is what Decipher Group brings to the table – a real passion for recruitment – which is incredibly valuable.”

Claire Evans