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Finding great leaders is at the heart of what we do at Decipher Group; our successful track record in placing senior leaders reflects the efficacy of our approach.

We provide our clients with an end-to-end executive recruitment service that goes beyond what you would typically expect. Our broader offering covering talent management, leadership, and human resources, means we can provide value-added services to enhance a recruitment process, including for example commentary on competitive remuneration packages and enhanced onboarding practices.

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Getting the
brief right

We work closely with our clients to clearly define their executive talent requirements, and what knowledge, skills and abilities individuals must possess in order to perform the role effectively. This involves an in-depth briefing process that uncovers short and long term role objectives and what “success looks like” for the role. Our team are widely respected for their expertise and candour; it’s our job to challenge your thoughts on what is really required in order to deliver a quality and time-efficient outcome.


Our team are highly skilled at executive, technical and leadership search. Being able to identify and find top talent is a craft, and our team are specialists in the art of search. Every candidate search plan we execute is bespoke to the client need and with our own in-house research capability, our reach is immense and literally at our fingertips. In addition to our professional networks, our team are armed with highly effective digital search tools and are well trained and skilled in uncovering new talent. The diverse capability of our team ensures a broad selection of candidates are included in the review process.

Global Reach

In today’s hyperconnected world, borders are almost limitless. Coupled with changes in the way we work, an increasing number of companies are also adopting a work-from-anywhere (WFA) approach. At Decipher Group, our team tap into a vast national and global network to bring you the right candidates. We are also a member of several online connection sites which opens an additional pool of engaged international talent.


Reaching and engaging the best possible talent, particularly passive candidates who are not actively seeking a new position, requires greater rigour and a hearty mix of creativity and tenacity. In addition to the doggedness of our team, who bring professionalism and integrity to all search and talent engagements, we work with our clients to develop a well thought out job advertising strategy to support the attraction process. In today’s market, that means focussing on where people are most active; online. We’re at the forefront of innovation and develop creative and engaging content aligned to our client’s culture and brand.

Assessment and

Finding candidates is just one part of the executive recruitment process. We realise that our clients’ ultimate goal is to make the best decision when it comes to candidate selection. And that’s where our team’s recruitment experience delivers real value. From pre-assessment screening through to behavioural and competency-based assessments supported by cognitive ability, personality, and psychometric testing, we are as committed to having the right person in the right role as our clients.

Our job is not to find you the first candidate, it’s to find you the best candidate. One of the ways we make this happen is the approach we take to how our team are remunerated and rewarded. We are not commission-based recruiters and we do not work on a contingency basis. Rather, we partner with organisations to create a positive impact for both our client and candidate communities. We always advocate for the employer brand.

Unlocking the
value of DEI

Decipher Group are committed advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the workplace and take an active role in influencing positive change. We apply DEI principles to our executive search processes and work alongside our clients to build diverse leadership teams. For example, we offer a fully blind CV report that removes identifying factors, to ensure your policies are met and any unconscious bias is mitigated as much as possible, from the recruitment process.

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