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Most of us are familiar with the use of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) as measures of aptitude and projected performance in the workplace. However, there’s a new ‘Q’ that’s rapidly growing traction, as the true test of success in today’s modern workplace. And it’s called ‘AQ’ or adaptability quotient.

American business magazine Inc. provides a simplistic definition of the three Q’s.

  • IQ or Intelligence Quotient: The intelligence, knowledge, facts and trivia that one possesses.
  • EQ or Emotional Quotient: The emotional understanding and capability of oneself and others that helps with differing situations and people.
  • AQ or Adaptability Quotient: The ability to adapt to and thrive in an environment of change.

So why is AQ growing in popularity?

Our world is changing, especially technology which is moving at an exponential rate. In the workplace, it requires us to learn and adapt faster than we have ever had to before. And that’s why some are saying that our adaptability quotient will soon become the primary indicator of success.

This is great news for those of us born with more potential to adapt. But what’s really interesting is that everyone of us can get better at this over time

So how can we increase our AQ?

As Inc. magazine describes, the ability to adapt starts with taking accountability of a situation for the necessary and needed changes. There are many models that help people to achieve this, for example ‘See It, Own It, Solve It and Do It’.

  1. See It – acknowledge change is needed.
  2. Own It – take ownership of the situation.
  3. Solve It – develop your action plan.
  4. Do It – execute the change.

There’s no denying that the future is fast approaching and we will all need to adapt to it. Within time, we will agree that adaptability is an important indicator of future success and will start to see it used as a metric in recruitment, particularly around ‘fit’ for an organisation. This includes looking for new ways to test our AQ and improve it over time.  

As a starter, to increase your AQ, take accountability and help your organisation not only deal with change but help them become champions of change.

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