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A quality working environment is the most important factor for New Zealand job seekers when considering their next career move, according to recent industry research. 

In today’s market every employer is looking for good cultural fit and high calibre candidates are responding by seeking a working environment that suits them, with enough flexibility for a good work-life balance and challenges to keep them motivated.

According to the 2017 Talent Insights Report by Hudson New Zealand, the top five factors attracting professionals to a company or organisation are:

  1. Work environment
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Challenging role 
  4. Advancement opportunity
  5. Chance to make a difference

The recruitment process for senior management, executive and governance professionals is evolving because the top candidates know their market value and are now actively interviewing an organisation even though they are figuratively ‘sitting in the hot seat’.

Professionals want to work for innovative and agile organisations that aren’t following the status quo of day-to-day business so they can capitalise on opportunities to make a real difference in their work.

With a strong economy and positive outlook, hiring intentions in New Zealand have continued to rise, and more offers on the table means the challenge to secure top executive talent will only get more competitive.

One of the best ways organisations can attract top talent is to ensure your company extends a compelling employee value proposition (EVP). A compelling EVP that goes beyond the boundaries of a competitive salary is critical if you want to attract the right people to your business.

If a substantial pay packet isn’t within the budget, develop a compelling narrative about why people would want to work at your organisation. Factors could include a great internal culture with flexible working hours, allocated staff parking, extra leave entitlements (if objectives are achieved), and access to healthy meals or on-site services such as a gym.  

The value of a recruitment agency’s professional networks should also never be under estimated. Some organisations will dabble in recruitment but they often find out quite quickly that advertising a job on traditional and/or digital media will not provide the right solution.

Professional recruiters support business leaders to clearly identify their hiring objectives and set parameters around the type of candidate and what skills and experience is required to enhance operations, manage growth and inspire teams.  

Our highly skilled consultants are experts at crafting EVPs and have the confidence to do the hard sell on behalf of your business. Decipher Group advises clients on all employment matters but if you want to put your best foot forward and attract high calibre talent, contact us today.

The Decipher team 

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