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For organisations just beginning to think about their employee experience, through to established businesses at a critical point of change, the journey people take within your organisation and the interactions they have at each stage of the employee lifecycle has a significant impact on your ability to hire and retain great talent.

We work with a range of organisations to help them craft a productive and meaningful employee experience, suited to the unique needs of their business.

Some of the more popular areas of support and assistance we provide includes:


For new people joining teams, they essentially have two full time roles – doing their job and adjusting to the culture and conditions of the workplace. Establishing a predefined, repeatable process for onboarding will reduce the amount of time you spend assimilating new hires (and internal promotions), while contributing to overall employee retention. We can also work with you on enhanced onboarding for incoming senior leaders including 90-day plans.


Workplace culture is a fundamental driver of successful organisational change and helps to build environments where your people can thrive, even in the most challenging of times. Decipher Group have developed a proven and tested approach to assisting businesses with creating constructive workplace cultures that starts with understanding the pulse of the organisation and its current state, and then working closely with HR teams and senior leaders to turn those insights into action.


Promoting a culture of engagement is something that needs to permeate through all areas of the workplace, from acquisition and onboarding through to the way you manage performance and develop and support your leaders. Not sure where to start? Let’s talk.


360 Feedback gives employees, teams, or managers the opportunity to hear from various people they work with. When done right, it can strengthen relationships and contribute to more effective development conversations. More importantly, 360 Feedback is a powerful tool for minimising bias, contributing to broader diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies.

HR Consulting Services:

People Strategy

Decipher Group works closely with chief executives, boards, and senior leadership teams to understand what their businesses are trying to achieve and assist with creating a framework.

Operational HR

As a leading human resources provider, we know how to help businesses develop, initiate, and maintain the platforms, processes, and systems to support a positive and engaging workplace.

Reward + Recognition

What motivates top talent continues to evolve. Our team are ahead of the curve with a deep understanding of the latest trends in employee reward and recognition programs.

Business Growth

Our human resources team can help you navigate change and plan for smooth transitions as your business grows and evolves.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is a hot topic globally – from the classroom through to the boardroom and breakroom, we all want to create spaces that are welcoming and where happiness and belonging are prioritised.

Behavioural Assessment

Decipher Group has the in-house capability to deliver a range of service solutions to our clients to support the assessment, selection, and development of talent.

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Decipher appoints new Chief Executive

Decipher Group has recently announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive.
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Elise Elliott gains behavioural accreditation

Decipher Group recruitment coordinator Elise Elliott has recently achieved certification from leading talent assessment provider Talogy.
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Insights: Today’s talent market

Check out the latest insights on today's talent market and what it means for employers and job seekers.
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Celebrating 16 years of shaping futures

Decipher Group is celebrating 16 years of shaping the futures of talented people...
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Porsche Presents: The Drive with Decipher Group

Decipher Group's co-founders were invited to share their story in The Drive - a video series from Porsche that features...
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Decipher presents at CECC event

Decipher Group had the opportunity to present at Westpac Smarts - a Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce event.
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Spotlight on Corporate Governance – November 2023

Join the Decipher Group team for this very special, one-off exclusive event featuring guest speaker Catherine O’Connell, a well-respected expert...
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Leadership Forum – March 2023

In today’s rapidly changing environment there’s an expectation that our senior leaders approach uncertainty with confidence and decisiveness. And that...
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The Leaders Guide to Performance Management – live and virtual

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HR Leaders Forum – Talent scarcity in the new normal

Hear from our panelists, facilitated by Decipher Group’s Libby Brazier, who will share their experiences around talent shortages in their...
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