EA Networks, a locally owned co-operative network company based in Mid Canterbury, owns and operates the region’s electricity distribution network and an advanced fiber optic communications network.

Being co-operatively owned and operated, EA Networks has strong ties to the community. Whilst focusing on infrastructure investments that provide economic benefit to the region, the company also supports community projects.

EA Networks were looking to appoint an independent director to its board – a fabulous opportunity to work with a forward-thinking, high-functioning and dynamic board of experienced directors committed to the future sustainability and success of its community.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Jamieson as an Independent Director for EA Networks.

Rob has worked in the New Zealand Electricity industry for over 35 years, including as Chief Executive of Orion NZ Limited and Chair of Connetics Ltd. With a master’s degrees in electrical engineering and business administration, Rob is a chartered member of the NZ Institute of Directors and has other governance roles including chair of Electricity Invercargill Ltd and director of Marlborough Lines.

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