At the Otago Regional Council (ORC), their mission is ‘for our future’. ORC is here to protect and enhance the environment and enable their communities to do the same.

To ensure ORC can deliver on its responsibilities, they are evolving as an organisation, and they’re not overstating when they say they have some really big targets to reach. ORC need the right people, in the right roles, to help them get there.

Decipher Group were fortunate to be selected to work with ORC on the search and recruitment process for a number of highly specialised, technical roles within the Science and Environmental Monitoring teams.

Our business has considerable working knowledge of sourcing talent for hard-to-fill technical roles, particularly for regionally based organisations.

It was a pleasure to work alongside the ORC’s talented team and we are pleased to announce the appointment of the following key roles.

Scott Jarvie: Scientist – Biodiversity
Jens Rekker: Senior Scientist – Catchment Modelling
Eike Breitbarth: Manager Environmental Monitoring
Helen Manly: Team Leader – Water
Nicholas Boyens: Network Infrastructure Lead
Pete Ravenscroft: Team Leader – Biodiversity
Paul Hannah: Team Leader Monitoring
Samantha Yeo: Scientist – Groundwater
Ben Mackey: Team Leader – Land
Tapuwa Marapara: Scientist – Land Use

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