22 September 2022 | Talent scarcity in the new normal
Speakers: Kelly Pankhurst (General Manager HR, Anderson Lloyd) and Darren Evans (CEO, Calder Stewart)

“The war for talent is real”
“It’s a candidate-driven market”
“The Great Resignation”

Probably some of the most repeated phrases of late, vexing HR and business leaders as they navigate the changing landscape around attracting and retaining talent. While it is not a new challenge, businesses have been grappling with resourcing demands since time immemorial, there’s no denying that it is significantly more complex.

And for those organisations that are not just looking for people, but rather looking for the best people, well things just got really hard.

The stats are becoming increasingly dire, with the likes of recruitment software company JobAdder releasing the findings of its ANZ Talent Acquisition Report, highlighting a historically tight recruitment market.

“Job demand from companies is still high while the supply of candidates measured by applications per job is at all-time lows”, said Martin Herbst, CEO, JobAdder.

And just how “low” are we talking? The latest figures reveal a 68 percent plunge in applications per job, compared to pre-pandemic figures.

The bottom line. Organisations need to be acting now, making talent strategy a key priority, to protect their business from talent shortages both immediate and future.

Start taking planful action and reshape your talent strategy to win.

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