Maybe you have spotted an exciting career opportunity or perhaps your employer is offering you a new and challenging role – but there is one major catch, it is in another town or city. Should you relocate for a role?

Having the opportunity to find a role that is a perfect fit for you and complements your chosen career path is a massive WIN. Finding a career matching role has many variables – remuneration, size and scale of company, opportunity, and challenge – so the fact that one has popped up on your radar is pause for thought.

However, career decisions need to factor in wider personal and lifestyle choices – if you have a partner or children or have responsibility for the care of others – it is not just a question of what the role could mean for your career but rather what the impact could be on your family.

Here is some advice from our team to help with your decision making.

What is the risk?

The idea of picking up your life and relocating to a new town or city is a big consideration and quite often you are weighing that against risk. If you are questioning the longevity of the role then you need to get to really know the organisation and its people – how are they performing financially, do they seem genuine in their desire for you to join the company, are they helping with relocation costs? On the lifestyle side, what if you or your family do not end up liking the location? Look at the absolute worst-case scenario – you end up having to look for a new role or you decide to move to another location. Is that really so bad? Weigh that up against the potential for big rewards by pursuing an opportunity that is right for you.

Do I? Don’t I?

If you work in a specialised field or sector and roles are rare, then it is likely that where you live is linked to where the opportunities are. Perhaps you are not feeling challenged in your current role or simply need a change in lifestyle, then a relocation could be the jump start that both your career and personal life needs. New Zealand has many amazing places – from the sunniest through to the happiest and cheapest – so chances are you will find a location that fits who you are. Getting your work/life balance right is incredibly beneficial to you and your career. In fact, your psychological, social, and emotional health is dependent on it. You will have more energy and drive at work if you are living your absolute best life.

Think long-term

From a lifestyle perspective, a relocation is tough for everyone so try not to focus on the short-term but rather ask yourself if the city or town is somewhere you (and your family) could live happily in the long-term. This also applies to your career path. Does the role offer you a better opportunity than your current situation? While it can be advantageous to seek the advice of colleagues, peers, or your wider networks, try not to overthink the decision. This role may not be the one for you and that’s fine because chances are there will always be another opportunity. But you might miss an opportunity if you over analyse and do not make a decision.

What will it look like on my CV?

As management and executive recruiters, the big thing we are hearing from employers when looking for talent is diversity – having new people come into the business that bring something different or unique. We tend to find that from candidates who have had a diverse career background spanning different roles, sectors, and locations. When it comes to careers, consistency is not always a strength, rather strength comes from variety so having a broad range of experiences to draw from and demonstrating that you can cope with change and challenge are all major pluses.

In a nut shell, our advice is to go with your gut. Really think about the opportunity within the context of your long-term career path, have an exit plan in place just in case and seek out advice from people whose opinions you trust. But remember, your career will be long, and we all deserve a bit of adventure along the way.

Need help?

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The Decipher Team

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