In a relatively short period of time, online professional networking site LinkedIn transformed the way people find new opportunities and how employers and hiring managers search for talent. Could an entertainment platform like TikTok be the next channel for recruitment?

A paper CV or resume still holds some purpose, it may not necessarily be the way you apply for a role or the way a recruiter approaches you for an opportunity but it’s likely at some point in a recruitment process you will need to have one. Over time, LinkedIn has become the modern-day CV, having changed the way professionals’ network, collaborate, and connect. What impact has this had on recruitment? It’s simple, a well-constructed LinkedIn profile increases your visibility.

While LinkedIn users typically use the platform to keep up to date with news and to follow information about products and brands, TikTok is all about funny and entertaining content. So how could this be used for recruitment? The answer is video resumes.

TikTok Resumes was a pilot programme completed mid-year where job seekers (predominately Gen-Zer’s) could apply for entry-level positions at select companies by submitting short (60-second), creative video resumes. Not only could you apply for a role, but you could also use the platform to view job listings and career related tips and advice.

While the pilot has ended it’s clear that TikTok is looking for ways to further leverage its position among social media platforms. You may think that video resumes are an untraditional way of recruitment, but we are increasingly communicating online, and the short format approach of video really forces you to hone in on your skills and experience while also showcasing your personality – something a paper CV or LinkedIn profile can’t do so well.

Like most aspects of life and business, technology has fundamentally changed the recruitment process. Job platforms, applicant tracking systems, sourcing automation tools, and video interviewing platforms to name a few, technology is influencing the way both candidates and employers approach recruitment. So why not video resumes?

Is TikTok or another social media platform going to drive video resumes to become a mainstay of recruitment? For the younger generation looking for entry level positions it’s highly probable that this will become normal practice. The thing about generations is that they get older, they move from entry-level positions to mid and upper, and their communication preferences become the norm in the workplace. So yes, this could be the future of recruitment. Which also raises some interesting questions about what competencies and skills tomorrow’s job seekers will require to be successful – think content creation, public speaking, and the ability to create visual assets.

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