Rejection is not easy and for job seekers it’s likely something that most have experienced at some stage in their career. The feeling of despair is often exacerbated if you felt that the opportunity was a perfect match for your skills and background and put a lot of time and effort into your application. Even worse, if you had progressed through multiple interviews, further assessments and evaluations and felt confident that an offer was looming.

But no, you receive an unexpected rejection phone call.

It is soul crushing, even if you were not 100 percent sure it was the right move for you there is still a feeling of rejection and wasted energy. And maybe your confidence takes a bit of a hit. But now is not the time to give up, rather take a moment to reflect and plan your next steps.

Flip the narrative

Spend less time blaming yourself for not getting the job and remove all that negativity, rather focus on what did go right – the fact your application was considered, you interviewed well, you made new connections, you put yourself out there. Try to think about all the positives because that is what will help you succeed next time around.

Build resilence

Nothing in life is guaranteed – from putting an offer in for a new home through to your sports team winning the big game – applying for a job can be filled with highs and lows. Realistically, you are likely to face a role rejection multiple times throughout your career. Remember that the only people who are not rejected are the ones who do not pursue new opportunities. Failure is not trying.

Do some self-reflection

If you find that your confidence has taken a real hit, reflect on your greatest strengths and capabilities. Literally make a list of all the things that you have achieved in your career to date – what are your greatest accomplishments, when did you go above and beyond, how did you overcome a challenging time? When you are ready to put yourself out there again, this will be a valuable learning exercise that could help with future applications.

Collect feedback

Depending on how far progressed you were in the recruitment process, the richer the feedback you should receive. Bear in mind however that if you were a real front runner for the role there is a chance that another candidate took the lead for reasons that may seem minor or which you don’t agree with. Always maintain composure and positivity, take advantage of the opportunity to gain feedback that can make a real difference to your future job prospects.

If that feedback includes actionable advice then do something about it and create a development plan – could you benefit from training, should you step up for projects outside your wheelhouse in your current role, does your CV accurately reflect what you can bring to a role, do you need help with your interviewing skills?

If you were well progressed it’s likely that you shared your application with others in your circle, maybe even asked for some to act as referees. Reach out to these people and let them know the outcome, they may be able to add something of value or even let you know when a role comes along, given that they now know your intentions.

No turning back

Was there a compelling reason why you pursued the opportunity in the first place – perhaps you are ready to take the next step in your career, maybe you are not satisfied in your current role/organisation? If you decide to take a break from job seeking then make sure you are comfortable with your decision and ok with remaining in your current role, at least for the short term.

The best advice when facing a rejection is to take a pause and then channel all that enthusiasm and energy you demonstrated during the recruitment process to start looking for that next opportunity.

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