Seldom, if ever in this day and age, do individuals go through life without having to contemplate a career change.

Stepping into the unknown and changing jobs can be a scary experience, especially if you’ve been in the same role or with the same company, for a long time. It may well have been a number of years since you prepared a CV or contemplated attending an interview, and the prospect of doing either can be quite daunting.

Given recent global events and the impact this has had on business, we’re seeing this a lot lately. The good news is that there is support out there to help you with your transition. In our role as recruitment and human resource consultancy professionals, Decipher Group has created a series of ‘Outplacement Support’ programmes, designed to provide guidance and advice as you re-enter the job market. We’ve called on both our own knowledge as coaches and human resources experts, and the skills of Winsborough, a leading provider of tailored psychometric assessments who employ a set of resources known as the Hogan Tools.

These programmes start with the basics – advice on putting together an effective CV and a dynamic cover letter, and face-to-face coaching to prepare you for interviews.

The next step is about delving deeper; leading you through an exploratory process to determine what types of roles you’re best suited to. Career Builder and Career Compass Assessments will help to determine your various strengths and weaknesses, while face-to-face sessions will drill down into everything from your personal interests to your inner motivations.

We’ll also ensure you’re up to speed with all the latest resources, introducing you to the most effective tools to use when searching for opportunities, and providing invaluable tips and ‘industry secrets’ to help you put your best foot forward.

Our most comprehensive package is perfect for technical specialists or management level job seekers, offering comprehensive skills assessments and in depth coaching to help you market yourself.

This programme includes a Professional Development Assessment that focuses on personality, behaviour and motivation, the results of which aid us in developing a series of tips to help you leverage your strengths and resolve your weaknesses.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive toolkit for jobseekers, including CV and cover letter templates, interview and job search guides, and a list of contacts for non-employment options (tertiary study, government subsidies, etc). At the completion of every Outplacement Assignment we provide a full summary of our work together, including our findings and recommendations.

Need help?

If you’d like to learn more about our Outplacement Support programmes please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to chat.

The Decipher Team

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