At Decipher Group, we like to think that we keep one eye on the future. As a business, we’re a bunch of early adopters and leaders in the field of digital recruitment technology – so it’s important to look to where the next opportunity lies.

A recent article by global media company Forbes, shared insights on what’s ahead for recruiting and job searching in 2018. Not surprisingly, they are mostly technology-led, but there was one trend that we thought was worth sharing.

“The paper resume will finally die out…”

This is less dramatic than it sounds, it’s more of an evolution really. Curriculum vitae is a Latin expression that can be loosely translated as ‘the course of my life’. Having an informative, clearly presented CV that demonstrates your skills and experience through the course of your working life, will still be essential (for the foreseeable future anyway). It will just be presented in a different way, with LinkedIn and increasingly video resumes, the new ways of marketing yourself to the world.

The real game changer here, and it’s something that we’re increasingly seeing, is that online service and social media platforms are changing conventional approaches to recruitment. Advertising job vacancies to active job seekers, is being replaced by digital platforms and technology-based searching tools that give recruiters the ability to tap into the ‘online CV’ of both active and passive job seekers.

For active job seekers, an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is a must. But even if you are not ‘on the market’, having a complete profile means you’ll be ready to transition, when the right opportunity comes along.

In an increasingly competitive and highly connected world, the adage remains “the best time to build a network is before you need one”. Stay engaged in networking – LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms to do this. Give some thought to updating your profile picture, request at least one recommendation a month, join a LinkedIn group, or post a news update. There is endless online advice and resources to help you maintain your LinkedIn profile.

Using proven digital platforms to increase access to a pool of talent, is just one part of the recruitment journey. The next phase is matching people to opportunities and delivering the best outcomes for both candidates and businesses.

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At Decipher Group, we have the reach, capability and tenacity to deliver the best talent and fit for a role, in this ever-changing technology landscape. We partner with clients to understand their organisational drivers and we have the insider intel to deliver first class recruitment solutions.  Let’s work together.

The Decipher Team

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