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In-demand skills you’ll need to survive and thrive

The world is changing. Organisations are transforming their workforces to manage this transition with the least possible disruption. While change is inevitable, growth is optional…



Is work-life balance a myth?

Everyone has a story to tell around finding the balance between their work and personal life. Often, all we hear about are the extremes of entrepreneurs and billionaires with intensive schedules that celebrate long hours, limited sleep and no leave.


The hiring process

The hiring process: life hacks

Labour quality and capability continues to be a major concern for business leaders. According to the Institute of Directors annual director sentiment survey, this was the second highest rated risk facing organisations.


What makes a great CEO

What makes a great CEO?

Anecdotally we can probably all compile a list of traits or behaviours of leaders based on our experiences working alongside an ‘exceptional’ CEO. But does the stereotype of the strong visionary leader correlate with what the research tells us around high performing CEOs?


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CEO: Internal vs external hire

Air New Zealand’s appointment of its chief financial officer as an interim replacement for outgoing chief executive Christopher Luxon raises an interesting debate about the benefits of internal versus external hires for senior roles.


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Recruit wisely

In today’s dynamic environment of exponential change and disruption, it is absolutely critical to have the right talent in your business to deliver on your strategic intent. Recent employment law reforms,  including for example changes to the 90-day trial period, place a greater imperative on making the right hiring decisions.


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Cognitive diversity: the new competitive advantage

Diversity is a truly multidimensional conversation. When it comes to forming teams tasked with tackling new, uncertain or complex challenges, encouraging diversity in its traditional form is not necessarily the precursor to success.


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From being taught best practice, to executing best practice...

*From being taught best practice, to executing best practice…. The job selection process …. it’s not just about the job.*


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Mastering emotion during difficult conversations

Most of us feel some sort of stress or anxiety knowing we have to face a difficult conversation in the workplace. Unfortunately, when controlling emotion matters the most, we tend perform at our worst during crucial conversations.


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Julian Ellis joins Development Christchurch as their new Commercial Manager

Decipher Group recently appointed Julian Ellis as the new Commercial Manager for urban development agency, Development Christchurch.

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