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There is no doubting that we are all hurting in one way or another with the Global Covid-19 pandemic seemingly in full swing. For us in New Zealand, we are now almost at half-time of a four week lockdown which has seen us working, schooling, parenting, exercising and socialising at home in our bubbles. We have all seen the memes and jokes on social media that have us belly-laughing while they so closely resemble the daily challenges that only being locked in with our closet family can deliver to us.  This has been tough and it’s going to continue like this for a short while yet.

At Decipher Group, we have been talking about the positives that being in lockdown has shown us and we want to find out what is bringing you joy in an attempt to shift our thinking through gratitude. Although without exception, all of us cannot wait for a proper coffee and a meal out; what we have all found is joy in the smaller things – those smaller things that have come into focus as the most important things in our lives.

This is what we have seen:

Our Joy is:

  • in the relationships that we have and the fun ways of connecting with our special people,
  • in the ways our kids have taken to new ways of living, exercising and playing with their friends,
  • in the exceptional kindness from within our community that we are seeing every time we head out for a walk or while we are waiting in the queue to get into the supermarket and
  • in the creative ways that people are finding to have fun and show their love of life.

All of us have managed to keep the exercise up and I take my hat off to the fitness industry and the use of video-conferencing technology to ensure that we are combating the effects of all of the baking that we are also doing.

At a higher level, just like when we were working through the impacts of the earthquakes in Christchurch, our communities are places where we can draw the greatest strength. I take so much joy and feel grateful that we are never alone. Our communities breed goodness and this is shown through support for those who need it, companionship at a safe distance and with a simple but always willing smile each time someone passes by.

What’s your joy through this? We would love to know …..

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