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Because you’re busy keeping the wheels moving – here are our top picks for working from home (WFH) themed articles worthy of a second glance.  

HBR: A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers

HBR takes a research-based approach with advice for managers on how to improve employee engagement and productivity while working remotely. During times of change (and challenge) employees will be looking to leaders for guidance; the behaviour of leaders during times of change can have a lasting effect on your workplace culture.  


Forbes: The Art Of Working Remotely: How To Ensure Productivity

Targeted at employees with some useful tips on staying productive while working remotely. It’s all things you have probably heard before but there’s a reason for that – stick to it and over time you’ll find that it works!


Korn Ferry: Your Home Life – For All to See

This one is for managers and workers – touching on some of the challenges of navigating this new normal and having our colleagues (and clients) enter our personal bubble and in particular “exposing home-life situations”. I’m sure we’ve all had a call via video conferencing over the past few days that has introduced us to someone’s dining room (or bedroom) complete with kids and animals!


HBR: How to Collaborate When Your Team is Remote

Short and sharp 2 minute video that touches on some of the frustrations of remote working when it’s not working well. Great content to share with your team to highlight that you’re all in the same boat and may have to adapt to a new way of doing things – particularly for those team members who may ‘over communicate’ through remote platforms.


Inc: How to Recruit and Hire New Employees While Working Remotely

The (business) world will continue to turn regardless of where we are all located and that also means continuing recruitment efforts to ensure you have the right capability and capacity in your business. As executive recruiters, engaging with candidates remotely is BAU for us! But we appreciate this may be a new environment for some – this article has some handy hints on how to manage recruiting and hiring efforts in a virtual environment.


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