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Evaluating the CEO

The performance of an organisation can be influenced by many events, not all related to the efforts of a CEO. This can mean some leaders receive too much credit for success while others face the blame for poor organisational performance. Which begs the question, are CEO performance evaluations relevant?

How to win the war for talent

People leave jobs and move onto new opportunities. It happens all the time – it’s called a career ‘path’ for a reason. Chances are, many of your current employees are thinking about their next role right now. The problem employers face is finding and attracting top talent to fill vacant roles.

Could an Advisory Board be a game changer for your business?

As a company grows and evolves, it will have an increasing need for experienced stewardship and support to deliver on its strategic direction. Having access to high-quality advice and guidance can greatly enhance an organisation’s performance. One of the best decisions a business leader can make, is the creation of an Advisory Board.

Why is board succession such a sensitive topic?

The demands of boards are great, and the challenges are many – ongoing implications of a global pandemic, a highly competitive talent market, potential for economic slowdown, climate risk and ESG initiatives, increasing prevalence of cyberattacks, regulatory change – there are certainly no shortage of issues that are likely to require board attention in 2022.

Culture and governance

With ultimate accountability for ensuring the prosperity of an organisation, boards are increasingly being held to account for organisational culture and more specifically misbehaviour - achieving organisational success by being proactive and operating with integrity.

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