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Your people are your greatest assets, particularly when they’re motivated, valued and given a positive, proactive environment in which to work.

To maintain competitiveness and enable organisational growth, businesses rely on the commitment and performance of their people. It’s a known fact that companies which provide autonomy, creative opportunities, competitive salaries and a caring, connected environment will generally outperform those that take a more streamlined approach.

As a leading Human Resources (HR) consultancy, we know how to help businesses develop, initiate and maintain the platforms, processes and systems to support a positive and engaging workplace. Our experienced staff act as outsourced HR consultants, providing support to small-to-medium size enterprises and large private or government-led organisations.

We specialise in the following services:

  • Business Structural Changes – scoping and planning potential change, managing and implementing the change process, and embedding new structures.  
  • Business Cultural Changes –  supporting and managing in-house teams to identify, develop and implement strategies to establish and build a positive internal company culture.
  • People Resource Planning – planning future people needs to meet strategic business objectives.
  • Role Development – scoping roles and preparing comprehensive position descriptions.
  • Executive and governance coaching – assisting aspiring and experience directors and executives to construct a profile that will put them on the right path
  • Outplacement Support providing tailored outplacement and career coaching solutions to senior management, executive and governance level professionals.
  • Professional Development Planning – preparing and implementing tailored professional development plans for business leaders and executives.  
  • Remuneration Recommendationscomplete remuneration reviews and provide professional advice based on recent market intelligence.
  • Employment Relations (ER) – advising on potential risks covering all employment matters such as conflict management and resolution, employment contracts and agreements, disciplinary action, performance and behavioural management, legal issues, discrimination and leadership change.
  • HR Policies and Procedures - development and implementation of Human Resources policies and procedures. 

Whether working on specific projects or providing ongoing guidance and advice, we tailor our human resourcing services to the unique needs of each client, empowering businesses to achieve their goals while remaining true to their values. 

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