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Mark Green joins Ngāi Tahu Seafood as the new Christchurch Plant Manager

Decipher Group recently placed Mark Green as the new Christchurch Plant Manager at Ngāi Tahu Seafood, supplier of the highest quality seafood across New Zealand and worldwide.


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Pavillion Foods welcomes Andy Summers as their new Operations Manager

Andy Summers was recently appointed by Decipher Group as the new Operations Manager for Gluten Free Holdings Limited (Gluten Free Choice) under the Pavillion Foods brand.



Creating a curious workforce

Like creativity, innovation and adaptability, curiosity is one of those attributes that businesses say they want in employees – but what are they doing to actively foster an environment that encourages staff to seek out new ideas and experiences?


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When is the right time for a CEO to go?

Last week’s surprise announcement of the resignation of Air New Zealand chief executive officer Christopher Luxon has raised the question – when is the right time for a senior leader to move on from a role?


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Is your workforce adaptable?

The debate around the future of work is signalling to organisations that they need to redefine work, redefine workforces and redefine workplaces. The challenge for leaders is recruiting employees who have the skills that their company will need going into the future. Although is your existing workforce more adaptable than you think?


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Is a degree worth it?

Global mega trends that are leading the conversation around the future of work are generating discussion about whether a formal qualification will be worth the time, effort or money.


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Inclusive leadership and diversity

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Christopher Luxon recently made a very bold statement about diversity at a senior level within the global aviation industry – he expressed an honesty that was somewhat unexpected.


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Introducing Katy to the Decipher team

Recently graduated and ready to take on the world – we are excited to announce the addition of Katy Boyle to the Decipher Group team!


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Cross-silo leadership tips

Silos exist in all organisations – they have their benefits, in terms of functional groups of expertise that enable a business to operate – however they can also block communication, prevent collaboration and isolate people and teams from one another.


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Applying analytics to your people strategy

Your people strategy is the driver to delivering on your broader business strategic direction. Utilising insights from employee data can be used to help inform your people related business decisions. But how much are we investing in data for our HR teams and how well do we understand what data we should be collecting?

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