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How to hire for cultural fit

Seeking out individuals who align with your company’s culture and values is an effective approach to building a cohesive workplace. Technical skills and competencies aside, the lingering question asked of recruiters is “will they fit with the culture of our business”.


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Top five emerging jobs

Online professional network LinkedIn has recently released job market insights identifying the fastest growing roles in Australia. While not New Zealand specific, our Trans-Tasman cousins are generally closer than we’d like to think.



What does success look like?

When it comes to recruiting new members for your team or a pivotal leadership or governance role, what does winning look like for your business? No doubt everyone involved in the recruitment process has a different interpretation of what success looks like but a proven method to hiring high-performing candidates, is to focus on the problems to be solved by the role, in the short and long term.


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Mental health in the workplace

For whatever reason, sometimes we don’t pay as much attention to the mental health of our employees as we do, to their physical health. The same could be said for our own wellbeing.



Are our judgements flawed?

Online business magazine Fast Company published an interesting article last month about how our initial judgments about another person is often a reflection of ourselves – and says very little about the person we’re judging.


international board

Going global? What about your Board…

There was an insightful article that appeared in a recent edition of the Institute of Directors Boardroom magazine that reflected on the need for international experience on Boards of companies with global growth aspirations.


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IQ, EQ and now AQ…

Most of us are familiar with the use of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) as measures of aptitude and projected performance in the workplace. However, there’s a new ‘Q’ that’s rapidly growing traction, as the true test of success in today’s modern workplace. And it’s called ‘AQ’ or adaptability quotient.


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Are you in the wrong job?

The more pertinent question is, are you brave enough to find a role where you truly thrive?


company culture

Build a great company culture

Building and sustaining a healthy and constructive workplace culture is one of the greatest challenges for business leaders. In a highly competitive talent market, it is imperative to position your organisation in the best possible light, to attract top talent and continue to drive growth.


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Using social media to help recruit millennials

The fight for good talent is intense and for some organisations, it is especially challenging to recruit candidates of a younger generation (under age 35) because of their different needs, thought patterns and behaviour.

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