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With the end of year holiday season fast approaching, which for the majority of us means a well-deserved break from “work”, it is timely to take a moment to consider how we plan on tackling the year ahead from a work-life balance perspective.    

We’ve crossed this topic previously in our blog posts, including some hints and tips on how you can change your mindset and achieve a work-life balance that works for you.

Decipher Group is not immune to the same challenges that any business has in regard to encouraging our people to balance work and personal life. However from what we’ve seen with our clients and from our own insights into best practice, what really resonates with us is providing an environment where people can bring their true selves to work and accepting that well-being and productivity are not measures that need to be balanced but rather they are interconnected and inextricably linked to us as human beings.

The life we have outside of work with all of its complexities and happiness does not have to be checked at the door to the office or apologised for when things go wrong (and they do!) which impacts on your ability to “perform” from a work perspective. We also accept that with technology we are available 24/7 and have created an expectation of instant connectivity – which translates to no breaks or boundaries. 

So instead of work-life balance, let’s reframe the conversation and start talking about work-life integration.

Berkeley Haas School of Business defines work-life integration as “…an approach that creates more synergies between all areas that define life: work, home/family, community, personal well-being, and health.”

With the next generation entering the work force this may in fact almost work itself out. Millennials are generally characterised as a generation who are more accustomed to the 24/7 environment and so naturally or intuitively can blend their personal and professional self. FOMO has created a generation that can easily adapt!

For the rest of us, start by rethinking what is truly important to you – this could happen in advance of having those annual salary review conversations or when considering your next career opportunity. For example, where are you spending time in your day that could be better used elsewhere? Is your commute taking up a big part of your day –could you be using this time more productively i.e., using public transport and freeing up your time to concentrate on other tasks or biking/walking to work which means being more active. Or perhaps it’s something to consider from a location perspective, for example is living/working in a regional area more conducive to the life you want to live? Could work flexibility be an option for you going forward, with the opportunity to work from home or at certain hours – realistically, wherever you are in the world, technology means you can still connect with the office in some way.

Whatever is important to you, in terms of your personal life mission, will help guide you in the context of decisions you make around work. If you are stuck, maybe that’s somewhere to start – what’s your daily mantra or that quote that you return to in times of a life crisis?

This is a topic that is not without its challenges. Plus, you don’t achieve work-life integration then tick it off and move on to the next task, its something that needs your constant attention. But with a little practice maybe you can inch closer to having it all!

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