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If there’s one thing we’re not afraid to admit it’s that we’re always learning. Working in a high paced industry like recruitment things are always changing – new trends emerge, commercial landscapes are altered (quite literally in the case of Christchurch), and people’s wants and needs consistently evolve. 

To ensure we stay on top of our game and deliver the very best service possible, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to increase our knowledge, investigate new ideas, and share information and experiences with colleagues and peers.

One such opportunity lies just in front of us.

The Talent Connect Australia conference involves renowned leaders of the recruitment industry coming together from around the world to impart their knowledge, share their thoughts on best practices, and discuss global trends. 

The day-and-a-half long conference will not only provide valuable insights into the current state of the recruitment sector, but will also help us to nurture our own network of contacts, enhancing our reach and allowing us to provide our clients with the most complete range of recruitment solutions possible.

While the investment in time and money is considerable we have no doubt this exciting event will be hugely beneficial, and we look forward to filling you in on the details when we return!

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