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The recruitment game has changed. In a highly competitive sector companies all over the world are scrambling to attract the best talent, and successful recruiters are having to be more and more proactive in order to be heard above the noise.  

There’s a supply and demand issue at work here. The best talent understands that they’re a highly desirable commodity, and they also realise that they don’t need to go looking for work – the work now comes to them.

These people are known as ‘passive candidates’ – people who aren’t actively trawling job sites or reading the ‘situations vacant’ section of the daily paper, but who are willing to consider new employment opportunities if and when they present themselves.

So while placing ads on job boards still has a place in our recruitment strategies, our focus continues to shift towards ways we connect with these passive candidates; ways in which we can hunt out the best talent, no matter where they might be based or what they might currently be doing, and sell them on the idea of coming to work for our clients.

Without question, the best place to connect with professionals from all corners of the globe is LinkedIn. It’s estimated that more than 80% of professionals in New Zealand are already on LinkedIn, with worldwide trends likely to be even higher.

Because we believe in the power of LinkedIn we’ve just invested a significant amount of capital in their recruiter tool, a software package which gives us a huge advantage when it comes to finding and connecting with talent.  This new resource allows us to expand our searches beyond our personal connections to access the entire LinkedIn network. An enormous range of search filters allow us to limit our searches to individuals with particular experience, a history with companies of a certain size, or even those who graduated from specific universities. 

We can also contact any candidate directly through InMail, a system which generates a considerably higher response rate than cold calling or emailing. In short, it has drastically expanded our reach and broadened our client’s options, and while it represents a large, ongoing investment we’re confident it will quickly pay for itself and reap rewards for those we work alongside.

When it comes to recruitment there simply isn’t a ‘one-sized’-fits-all’ solution, and LinkedIn certainly isn’t the ‘be-all-and-end-all’ when it comes to channels to connect with prospective candidates. But it is an incredibly powerful tool, and one that continues to form an increasingly important part of the recruitment strategies we develop for our clients. And as long as it continues to generate results, we’ll continue to explore and utilise its capabilities to the fullest extent.


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