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Long gone are the days when staff yearned to work for one company for the duration of their careers. Employees are now fully aware of the asset that they represent, and are continually looking for new and exciting job opportunities. In such a competitive environment, recruiting the very best talent becomes an incredibly strategic process. Here are five things to consider when looking to recruit executive staff:

1. One company’s discontented employees can be another company’s superstar. Frustration is a key reason people seek new opportunities. Always be on the lookout for these people, using your network of contacts and taking note of any referrals to spot them. Just because they’re ‘going through the motions’ at their current job doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer – in fact, in many instances these people are highly skilled individuals, languishing in an environment which is uninspiring and unfulfilling. So why not reach out to them with an inspiring, fulfilling offer? Not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of approaching a ‘stranger’ and offering them a job. But targeting specific talent is part-and-parcel of the service we offer, and we frequently have clients coming to us with the names of people they’d love to have working for them. We do the rest from there. 

2. Always be on the lookout for your next employee! The companies who get complacent and rest on their laurels are the companies that invariably find themselves having to urgently find new staff. If you’re open minded and willing to consider opportunities as and when they arise you’ll find you’re far more likely to stumble across talented executives. Just because you’re not actively looking to fill a specific role doesn’t mean someone with a particularly enticing résumé should be overlooked – it might just need a bit of creative thinking to fit them in to your organisation. From time to time we’ll come across a highly-skilled person who we know would make a great fit with one of our clients. While its not always possible to make something happen, we’re often able to work with the parties involved to create a position and help our clients secure the services of a talented executive. 

3. Sell a lifestyle. Let’s be honest – we’d all much rather be sunning ourselves on a Caribbean island sipping mojitos if we had the choice. Work is something most people do out of necessity – that’s not to say they can’t enjoy what they do, it just means they’ll always be craving a job that offers the best possible lifestyle, in lieu of being able to fulfill their Caribbean dream. So while you might be looking to fill a specific role, with a defined job description and clear-cut financial rewards, the best employees will always want to know what the less-tangible benefits are of working with your company – what the culture is like, how you help individuals grow, how you recognise and reward exceptional work, and how you go out of your way to achieve a great work/life balance. 

4. Along the same lines, you need to remember that the candidate isn’t the only one who has to sell themselves. You need to be able to clearly communicate a list of dynamic reasons that make you a more desirable employer than your competitors. Make no mistake – you’re in direct competition with others in your industry to secure the services of the best executives. These people will be aware that they’re in high demand, and will expect you to be able to accurately convey your company’s most compelling attributes.  Talk to your existing staff members, seeking genuine feedback about what keeps them coming back to work day after day, and use that information to collate a list of the top five reasons a star executive should come and work for you.  

5. Have a strategic plan – If you get caught short and need to find someone on Friday who can start the following Monday, your chances of finding the very best candidate are slim at best. Of course, unforeseen problems will always arise, but the more forethought and planning you can put into recruitment the better placed you’ll be to find the ideal candidate. We can help you develop these strategies, looking at where you’re at currently, where you’re heading, and personnel you’re going to need along the way.

At the end of the day it’s about putting your best foot forward, and remaining vigilant in the hunt for the best staff. Quality professionals won’t come crawling on their hands and knees begging for work – just like any courtship you’ll need to capture the attention of the person you’re trying to woo, let them see your best attributes, and make them believe you’re the one they’ve spent their whole life searching for!

Have a great day!
The Decipher Group team.

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