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Here’s a list of Decipher Group’s top trending blog topics for the year that was 2019….

Being your true self at work

We love, love, love that this blog post topped the list in terms of the number of views because it really resonates with what we think is important in our business – bringing your authentic self to work! As researcher and storyteller Brené Brown explains, "authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are."


Talking money during the hiring process

This blog post certainly got people talking – with the highest number of likes, comments and shares for the year. In our role as executive recruiters we constantly find ourselves in situations where candidates are uncomfortable broaching this topic and that’s what motivated us to share some tips. The key takeout – there are no rules, but preparation is key! 


Over 40’s – Don’t hold back!

We don’t want to pigeonhole our audience but the above blog came in at number two based on the number of views during the year. In the post we posed the question around whether our own perceived “self-responsibility” influenced the everyday decisions we make, particularly around our career pathways, while also sharing some insights on ways to reset your mindset.


Mastering emotion during difficult conversations

In this blog post we provided some tips and advice for controlling the “emotional energy” during a difficult conversation – a necessary skill for leaders who are often facing these challenging situations.   


From being taught best practice, to executing best practice...

We’re chuffed that this blog post came up in the top five for the year because it was created by guest contributor Katy Boyle – a new addition to the Decipher Group team. Katy joined the business earlier in the year having recently completed her Master’s in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of Canterbury. In this post, Katy shares her experience (and that of her University cohort) on entering the workforce following the completion of her studies. 


We’ll be back in 2020 to tackle a new year of topical people and recruitment issues in our weekly blog posts. As always, keep the ideas coming for what you would like to hear/read more about.

The Decipher Team      

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